Monday, May 10, 2004

Smile for the Camera

So how you like me now? The folks at Google have certainly done a nice job with the new templates. I can't seem to get the in-house commenting system to work though, so until then, HaloScan still prevails.

UPDATE: Ok, so the in-house commenting thing works only for new posts. No problem with that so bu-bye haloscan.

More about the new templates: The way in which Blogger is now organizing posting should actually help get more (and better) search results on the various search engines. Each posting now has its own HTML page rather than a single HTML page per month, etc. Hopefully this means that the search engines find more pages to index and that the results lead to the specific posting with the keywords. Anyways, hope you're done blinking you eyes and the shiny new exterior of this blog.


Anonymous said...
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News is Good said...

Why must all you people post about your goddamn comments system?

Don't do it again.