Monday, May 17, 2004


WWWWWWEEEESSSSSTTTTTSSSSSSIIIIIIDDDDDDDEEEEEEOk, so my plan to post comments about more serious topics ain't really happening. That's not to say I've stopped thinking about the current situation in Iraq or the electoral frenzy in India. For the time being, can I just sit back relax in the glow? The glow of recent Staples Center sideline sightings? Can I just say how pleased I was during the recent Lakers-Spurs playoff game? Of course, the Lakers came storming back to win the series, but the cherry on top? Not one, but two, count 'em two P-I-M-Pees: Snoop Dogg and Bishop Magic Don Juan. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Being away from LA breaks my heart sometimes, but catching that sight on TV definitely brought me back to an LA state of mind.

Gimme my money!Unfortunately, I can't find a pic of Bishop Magic Don Juan from the game, but hopefully this will be enough to give you a grasp of the stunning nature of seeing this guy on the sidelines. How can you not sit up and smile at him?

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Anonymous said...


Sriram lives right across the street from this guy! On Hi Point street in Los Angeles... I always see him and his nasty car!