Sunday, November 02, 2003

It's going down...

BIG DAWG style!

Ok, so if you're not familiar with that saying, you're missing out on what Spike TV has been showing for a bit now (or you don't listen to Hot97 in NYC). Funkmaster Flex is a long-time DJ on Hot97 in New York and he's known to break the newest hip-hop (although there are contenders to the throne). Whether you like him or not, hip hop artists (and athletes) certainly give him play and his new show on SpikeTV is pretty interesting just because of that.

Basically, the show has Funk Flex going to different stars and either checking out their souped up rides, or, as with 50 Cent, taking it and restoring it. Now, I'm not really into such things, but it's still pretty cool what they do with these cars. Obviously a lot of money is put into these cars and it's truly amazing how these stars reflect their personalities with their cars. That's not to say all of these people philosophize over their car restoration, but some of them certainly do.

Anyways, the best thing about all this? The way the stars clown Funk Flex! The first episode I saw had Lil Kim & Eminem clowning Funk Flex's saying (It's going down BIG DAWG style!). It great to see such nonsense from people who usually act serious or are not very open. The hip hop world is such a production sometimes with rappers having to act all "hard" or tough, so these types of shows are a good change of pace. Funk definitely has fun with it.

I'm not much of a celebrity watcher, but seeing hip hop stars or athletes have fun like that is always a laugher, especially early on a Saturday morning. Talk about laugh out loud! Check it out if you get some time on Saturday morning. If you're not into cars you'll still enjoy it for the laughs.

BTW...went to the Heiroglyphics show at the Fillmore . I could go on about the show, but suffice it to say that watching a group perform to a hometown crowd is always fun. It's even better when you can watch them in a great venue like the Fillmore.

One of these days, I promise to post some more serious, analytical thoughts on pol, econ, desis, etc. Until I get some time, you'll have to bear with these random posts :)

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