Sunday, November 09, 2003

Behind the Times

So I've been going on about my 80's nostalgia, and I know I'm not the only one who loves the 80's. There have been many 80's websites and quite a few shows about that decade. Of course, I've missed the latest of the nostalgia bits until this evening. We just caught "I Love the 80's Strikes Back". So the memories are great, a great show to watch with friends over since you can all reminisce and joke around. Something I find odd about the show is some of the people commenting about the 80's. Some people are obvious 80's celebs like Boy George and Deborah "Debbie" Gibson, but there are also people talking that you wonder about. Like Mandy Moore. Wait a second, wasn't she like 5 years old when all this happened? How the heck would she have anything to say about the 80's?

I thought maybe she was older than suspected, but after checking, I found out she was born in 1984. So, at the most, she was 5! Mandy's got no business talking about this stuff. If she wants to talk about Britney, N'Sync, and the like, that's fine, but please, stay out of my nostalgia. :)

Speaking of oddball commentators on these types of shows...we were watching this show called Rank on E! (yes, I know, my TV viewing habits are horrible). So the idea of the show is to rank celebs on specific topics, like the hottest Hollywood bachelorette, etc. So of all people, AC Slater, shows up as an expert on the hottest single women in Hollywood. Let's leave aside the fact that I haven't seen Mario Lopez since Circus of the Stars, Beach Bicycle Cops, or some nonsense like that. Of course, there are other semi-celebs on this show commenting about hot actresses, but Mario stands out because he's got the crudest comments out of the bunch. While the other guys comment about how beautiful some actress is because of her skills, talent, yada yada, Mario gets right to the point. He just says "She's hot" with a stupid grin on his face. And you wonder why chicks dig Zack so much. Mario needs to learn from the Preppie.

Anyways, all I can say is that I'm hooked on this VH1 show. I haven't watched VH1 since the Pop-Up Video days but I think I may have to tune in more often. Tuning into the VH1 is the definite sign you're getting old. Woe is me.

Worry not, however, I'll report back with any stupidity I find while watching.

And worry even less, you'll find out even more about my horrible viewing habits over time. While I'd like to say I watch quality television, most of it is rather meaningless. Tune in for more soon!

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