Monday, November 03, 2003

Diddy runs the City

So I admit to hating on Sean P.Diddy Combs every chance I get. It all started about a year after Biggie's death when Puff just wouldn't quit on his memorial tributes to B.I.G. It really became a chance for him to take a spotlight every chance he got. My hating became worse over the years with his no talent rapping, constant MTV jockage, and J.Lo nonsense. Anyways, I take anything he does with a grain of salt because I figure he's just trying to grab the spotlight.

I have to give it to him though because this time he's utilized his fame for something worthwhile. He raised $2 million for various children's causes. Of course, his run came with an MTV special, but that's ok...he dun good and I'll stop the hating for a bit.

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