Wednesday, October 15, 2003

That Fan!

Not that I'm a die-hard baseball fan, but watching last night's Cubs-Marlins game was pretty heart-wrencing. The Cubbies are poised to become America's baseball team by virtue of being the loveable losers. But seriously, the meltdown they had in the 8th inning makes you wonder how you could snatch defeat from the hands of victory. Safe to say it wasn't just the fault of the fan who reached out to grab a foul ball, apparently preventing Moises Alou from catching it for an out. But that play was just the tip of the iceberg for the Cubs fall last night. The Chicago Tribune has a great quote from a fan, "You could tell we're better than Boston or he'd be dead already." And that in a nutshell captures why the Cubbies are loveable losers...even in the wake of such a terrible collapse, fans have the humor to comment how they're better than Red Sox fans. Word.

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