Thursday, October 30, 2003


NBA season is upon us...hallelujah!

A few years ago (when I was unmarried) I would rush home from work, turn on the free preview of NBA PPV games on cable and watch all night. Man, that was the best...never a game to miss. But we decided not to buy the season package because A) We were too cheap, and more importantly B) We'd never leave the TV...for anything.

Now that I'm married, on business trips, etc, I hardly get time to watch any games, let alone some free preview. Needless to say, I missed the Lakers season opener. Can you believe that?! I missed their season opener! I found time to watch it, but damn Canadian TV didn't have it on. Somehow they thought that hockey more important. What's up with that?!

Anyways, I got back to the Bay Area last night and immediately turned on the game as soon as I got home. I luckily got to watch some of LeBron (aka King James). Is this guy 18 or 25?! He's just way too poised to be a recent high school grad. This is gonna be interesting. I'm not all ga-ga over him yet, but I'm pretty well impressed.

On a related of the best things about NBA season starting the commercials! I always loved the Nike basketball ads a few years back (Robinson, Duncan, MJ, Hardaway, you name it). Unfortunately, basketball ads have been pared way back. But the beginning of the season always has a few gems and I was able to catch a few of them. I'll add more commentary as time permits. For now though...go back to your TV and turn on the game!. If you don't have a TV, check out The Sports Guy's NBA preview!

Can ya tell I'm excited?

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