Friday, October 17, 2003


I've given props to the Sports Guy on the side, but here's another reason why I look forward to every column he writes. Somehow, he has a knack - really much more than that, an uncanny ability - for describing the exact emotions that he's feeling and helping his readers relate to what's going on is his head. This particular column takes me back to Spring 1996 when the UCLA Bruins collapsed against the Princeton Tigers in the first round of the Tourney - just one year after they had won the Championship. While I'm far from the devoted fan that Mr. Simmons is, I can say that I followed the Bruins' every step while in college. The heartache I felt after that loss is only something like a true Sox fan (or Cubbie's fan) is probably feeling after this week and Mr. Simmons has left no doubt in my mind about that. Kudos to him.

On a more upbeat note, The Sport Guy has just as much ability to relate the hilarity in sports, music, whatever, as well as the best parts of life. So readng his columns isn't just a place to find solace after a loss, it's a place to find a laugh after an Unintentionally Comedic moment or to simply nod in appreciation that some finally understands the average guy out there - whether he loves sports or not. The guy pours his heart into his team as well as his writing. I'm accustomed to writers and intellectuals imparting their knowledge on the world and making sure everyone knows how smart they are, but Mr. Simmons isn't about that...he's simply about telling a story and getting a few pounds of the fist (aka high-fives) from his friends.

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