Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Snap! Crackle! Found! The Image is Found

There's so much interesting stuff I find on the web and just get pulled into. Sometimes I hate myself for wasting time. Other times I just smile the whole time I've browsing. I'm smiling now and it's because of a photographer's blog. Or shall I more grammatically state it as..due to the blog of two photographers?

the image is found photography makes me smile for various reasons. They've obviously got a great eye (err...two great eyes...um four great eyes!), but I see lots of great photography all the time since I'm always looking for it. What kept me going about their work?

The fun.

Not just in the photos or in the way they write their own blog. But in everything they do. Wedding photography can be taken way to seriously sometimes just because love is supposed to be romantic and all that jazz.

Okay, no, I'm not jaded. Just because I see weddings all year long doesn't mean I find weddings to be boring. Quite the opposite.

But as I was saying to one of my brides last week, they've gotta have fun with it. It'll show on their faces, their guests' faces, and ultimately in the photos. And the bride I was talking to definitely agreed with me, but sometimes I feel like our couples don't really believe it when they hear it. Nate and Jaclyn from the image is found seem to be getting across to their clients.

And it leads to great shots that are not only beautiful, but they're romantic, fun, and memorable. So have a look at their galleries, but also take a look at their blog. Just great stuff all around.

[By The Way, just like I use "Snap! Crackle! Click!" for posts about my own photos, I'll use "Snap! Crackle! Found!" for posts about wonderful photography that I find on the web.]

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Anonymous said...

Ahem - I think someone should overhaul someone's photography website!