Thursday, May 24, 2007

No Fault

This is fucking ridiculous.

If you recall, a Major League Baseball pitcher killed himself by driving while drunk and talking on his cell phone at the same time. Now, the pitcher's dad is suing OTHER people basically saying that they contributed to his death.

What the FUCK!?

He's suing the restaurant that served him drinks all night long. Okay, so I can potentially see some negligence there. But on the flip side, if they had not served him, he'd probably be a bitch ass about it and complaining that they're not serving him drinks.

He's also suing a tow truck driver for being on the roadside helping another driver in a stalled car. Huh?! The dad claims the tow truck driver was negligent for not getting the car out of the way faster and for not putting down flares etc.

He's also suing the driver of the stalled car! Why? For being negligent and letting his car stall in the first place.

Now, I'm the first to complain about people who don't pay attention and get into accidents, but seriously....this dude drank himself stupid, got in his car, proceeded to speed down the freeway while on his cell and drunk off his ass. And he unsurprisingly got into an accident and killed himself.

And now his dad's suing everyone else for killing his son?

Everyone's fault but his own.

The American way.

I can just see this asshat throughout his life. When his son was in little league, he was probably the most annoying dad making sure his son won at all costs, even if it meant the other boys got hurt while his son looked good. I'm sure he was never happy with the disrespect his son was shown in the majors for making less money than he should have. And now, he can't live with the fact that his son was an idiot who had drove dunk multiple times and finally got himself killed for being the idiot son that he was raised to be.

Fuck that.

[By the way, I'm personally trying to make Asshat the latest derogatory term. Please feel encouraged to us it as much as possible.]


Anonymous said...

It is the American way. Blame everyone but yourself for anything that goes wrong. We've become a society that loves to sue at the drop of the hat...wasting time, resources and clogging up the legal system. This lawsuit should be thrown out in a reminds of the lawsuits that win the Darwin award.

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect example of the problem with the American legal system and lawyers in general. Hopefully the judge will bitchslap the dad and his attorney when they show up in court and throw out the whole lawsuit. I don't think there are legal grounds on how fast a tow-truck has to tow a car off the road...