Monday, May 14, 2007

Sheer Joy

Wedding season is warming up again so I was covering a wedding reception this past weekend. As I've said to friends, most weddings tend to be very similar to each other, but there usually one or two elements which set each event apart.

In this case, the unique thing was the last 5 minutes of the night and it really made me smile. The DJ had stopped playing music for the night and, as usual, the crowd wanted just one more song. This DJ stuck to hus guns and didn't start things up again, but the dhol players were happy to oblige. So they started to hammer away and everyone started dancing again.

Something about the crowd's attitude just had a different feel than the rest of the night and a different feel than most dancing and other parties. People are usually just into the music and enjoy it for what's it worth. However, with the lights on and the DJ packing up I think everyone realized just why they were on the dance floor. They were celebrating the bride and groom!

The smiles on everyone's faces. Everyone hugging the bride and groom one more time. Everyone picking up the children on the floor. It just made me smile.

And once again, I knew I'm in this for the right reasons.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful - the couple should consider themselves very lucky to be surrounded by these type of people.