Monday, February 19, 2007

You Know You're in Orange County When...

[FYI, I'm in Southern California this week and I'll be working from our Irvine office several days]

This is nothing new for me, but I can't help but make a mental list every time I'm down here. Keep in mind that I grew up in SoCal so I have special fun making light of this. Without further ado...a mix of good, bad, and funny things from my first 24 hours back....

You Know You're in Orange County When...
- You see more BMW 6 series coupes than Toyota Corolla's
- The corner mini mall with lunch eateries has lunchtime valet parking
- Otherwise normal looking men walk around with "Man Purses"
- The adults look like they belong on a daytime soap, the kids look like they belong on MTV. Take that for both the good and the bad :)
- Besides the guys behind the counter, I'm the only non-white person in Quiznos
- Besides my wife, I haven't seen another Indian person all day
- Going with the flow of non-rush hour traffic, my speedometer says 80 instead of 50. Yay!

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