Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rehab Party

Rehab used to be a serious thing where the person was in seriously bad shape and really just needed to get away and concentrate on healing their addiction. The person would be gone for months and you'd even forget that the person went into rehab since they've been there for so long.

But now? Well, it's the in thing.

You heard about Lindsay Lohan go into rehab after she finally admitted that she had an alcohol problem. Then there was the Miss America who got exposed with some photos of her partying and after about a week she entered rehab. Well, both of these woman seemingly healed themselves in a matter a days! Heck, Miss America is already going interviews about it.

Doesn't getting over an addiction or a serious problem actually take more than a week or two? Nowadays these people check themselves in and are better all of sudden and can't help talking about how much they've changed. Heck, the mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, just said he's going to go into alcohol rehab. Is he gonna be done with that by the end of the week?

So here's the possible explanations for this quick turnaround rehab deal:
1) These highly stressed out people are really teetering on the edge and all it takes is a quick sanity check to get them back on track. Checking into rehab gives them a few moments to think things through and the healing is fast and furious just like they say.

2) The relaxing environment and the assistance of trained professionals puts these people back on track and once the pros recognize a certain level has been reached, they check them out of rehab. The rest is up to the individual to completely heal. When these celebs get out, the healing they're talking about is still underway, but they're so happy with the progress they've made that they can't help but gush about it.

3) It's just the in thing to do. A nice way to have a couple of weeks of vacation. These people never really get anything out of rehab, but they're in the public eye so they've gotta talk about the healing they've gone through. In reality, they're still druggies or hard partying alcoholics.

You know which one I think it is.....since when do celebs buck the trend? They're all sheep. They'll smear shit on their torsos if some fitness guru convinces a few of them that it'll keep them tones and "centered"

I call bullshit on this rehab phenomenom. Let's not allow these idiots to pretend like they're doing any healing. They'll say what they want to say, but in the end, they're still doing what they want to do. Whether that's snorting lines of coke, cheating on their wives, or just partying like rockstars, don't for a second believe that a week in a rehab spa makes them the next Gandhi.

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Atul said...

I totally agree -- what kind of "rehab" did Lindsay go to that made her think she could go out and party it up days after completing the "treatment"? I wonder if this is just an excuse so that the public thinks these people are trying to better themselves.

On a related note, I've been coming across a lot of articles and news stories lately that are looking at the influence that celebs like Paris, Lindsay, Britney, etc. have on society and young girls. Newsweek even has a cover story on it in their latest issue.