Thursday, February 01, 2007

Deja Vu

Okay, we lots of love to harp on Bush and his seeming love for war. The jokes about invading Iran began even before we got into Iraq. Remember those "he just got one letter wrong" jokes about why Bush went into Iraq instead of Iran?

Anyways, comments about action against Iran used to be pretty hush hush and very speculative in the mainstream. Now, however, it's a daily topic. In fact, the admin doesn't shy away from saying that actions will be taken against any Iranian supported terrorist activities inside Iraq. Bush said that just the other day during his NPR interview.

Of course this is all eerily similar. Crooks and Liars even has a post about it with video comparisons.

Now, I wouldn't be surprised if we start bombing or even invading Iran before Bush is out of office. I'm scared about that possibility, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised.

But I've been thinking about this from the angle of the admin saving its ass. Beginning in late 2006, we keep hearing from the admin about how Iraq and Maliki need to stand up since it's their responsibility to get things back on track and stop the violence. No doubt, it's, in the end, their responsibility since it's their country. But nary a word is said about the details of the US's involvement in cleaning up the mess. We're obviously involved up to our eyeballs, but the way the admin makes it sound is that we're just tagging along.

My guess is that these conjectures are made because if things go wrong (which they likely will before they go right), the admin can say it's not our fault. It's the the Iraqis fault. Why? Well, because it's their responsibility! And we tried to help them! So if things aren't working out, well, heck we did our best, but they blew it!

As usual, the admin will twist situations around to suit their purposes.

So why am I alluding to this in reference to Iran? Because I get the feeling that th admin is setting up the pieces to add a "blame Iran" corollary to the "blame Iraq" thesis. So assuming Iraq isn't the safe haven of Arab democracy that Bush claimed he wanted to create, it's all the fault of the Iraqis themselves along with the Iranian thugs. None of it is the fault of the admin, since well, they were just trying to help the whole time. They can't help it if the crazy Arabs keeping spitting in the batter before it's baked.

Look, we may not invade Iran, but it's just a matter of time before there are a couple of airstrikes inside Iranian borders. And we're already getting the hint of the "blame Iran" strategy.

We want a strategy for getting out of Iraq. Apparently, the admin already has a strategy for covering their sorry asses.

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