Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I'll be playing a little catch-up with my posts since I haven't had a chance to post in a few days. I've become accustomed to unexpected rain while in Singapore, but the other day was ridiculous!

Up against a torrentWe were at the Jurong Bird Park here and were getting set to head home when it started to a rain a bit. No worries since we were done with the whole park. As our monorail came to the main station we realized it was raining really hard. Again, not too bad since it always rains like this in Singapore. It rains really really heavy for 10 minutes then it dries up.

Little did we know that this rain would not let up for hours! Now this again isn't a huge problem, but we were in a unique situation of having just two small umbrellas between the 10 of us. We had to get from the monorail station to the bus stand somehow.

Caught at the taxi standWe made it to the entrance of the park okay since there were many covered walkways. But then we were stuck at the taxi stand near the entrance. The bus stand is on the main road more than 500 feet of heavy down pour away. So my wife and I shuttled everyone two by two to the bus shelter. The whole time, walking through ankle-deep flows of rain water. Forget about getting a little wet, we were soaked head to toe after five trips each!

SoakedAfter the second or third trip we could get any wetter so we just kept the rest of our party dry while we took the soaking of our lives. We dripped all the way home on the 45 minute train ride home. My shoes took 2 days to dry properly and will never be the same. Fun fun fun!

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