Sunday, December 18, 2005

Botanic Gardens

A quick with a few photos from our walk through the Singapore Botanic Gardens. I think my first impression about SGP on my first trip here was that it's a lot more green than I thought it would be. I always thought of the country as this totally industrialized place with hardly any room for nature. In fact, SGP is more lush than just about anywhere I've seen. Granted, this lushness is by design, it's still very inviting. The Botanic Gardens is one of those spots. It's actually just around the corner from a very busy shopping district, but you wouldn't know it while there.

On to the photos!

Fern FrondThe first thing I thought of when I saw this fern frond (it'll open up soon to develop into a fern leaf) was high school bio class. We learned so much about the lifecycle of various living things that I immediately knew what this was. Can I just say that I'm glad I brought a good lens with me??

Tree TrunkYou'd think I was hunting down that boy under the peepal tree I wrote about a week back. I just love the way the branches of this tree have taken root and intertwined with each other. Tropical plants just have a certain quality to them that can't be matched elsewere. BTW, apparently Singapore is not in a tropical climate. They fooled me. I'll have to look up the definition of tropical since in my book it says hot, rainy, humid.

OrchidThe Botanic Gardens have an Orchid Garden inside which has an amazng array of orchids. This is one of the more simply ones.

Tree Branches These may look like bamboo shoots, but they're actually tree branches which have grown down into the ground. I suppose they'll eventually thicken up and start to look like the shot you saw earlier.

Bamboo ShootOkay, this actually is a bamboo shoot and not a tree trunk. I love the bright orange/red of this shoot. And don't think I've boosted the color...this is actually how it looked! So this type of bamboo has part red shoot, part green shoot. Really striking against the green leaves.

Orchids and LightsJust to remind you that I wasn't walking in some jungle...evidence that this is all a planned garden with lights strategically placed to look nice in the background.

Waterfall lapseGiven how small this garden was, there was a large number of waterfalls here. I'm not complaining since I love to take time lapse shots of waterfalls. This was taken with a 1/4 second exposure to blur out the water.

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