Thursday, December 02, 2004

Again Actually

There are very few topics which I write about in mutliple posts. Most of those topics are ones which I'm passionate (or dispassionate) about - politics, certain multi-level marketing schemes, etc. But movies? Nah, there's usually no point in writing about a movie more than once. Especially when it's been a year since writing about the film. Especially when it's a sappy romantic comedy.

But here I am writing about Love Actually....again. HBO has been showing this movie beginning this week and I can't help but watch it. About a year ago, I wrote about how the music in this film really did it for me. The eclectic mix of artists really fills in the gaps between story lines and adds to the feeling one is supposed to get when watching a romantic comedy (and that's still true about this movie). You know what I'm talking's that sappy feeling you get when you can't help but smile at the situation on screen even though you're sort of ashamed to be enjoying it.

So anyways, as I'm watching this film again, I realize that there are a couple of things about it that draw me to it more than the regular sappy romantic comedy. Primarily, it's the fact that the general Christmas cheer is the backdrop to situations which are very realistic and varied. Most Christmas movies begin with the premise that the season is a time to smile and love and be merry. This movie certainly starts off with a similar premise. In fact, Hugh Grant begins with narration which says as much. But it proceeds to forget about that and present situations where people just like us find the Christmas love and can't help but smile and enjoy. And most of all, it doesn't seem contrived, it feels genuine. Even with all the sub-plots going on, it still comes off as genuine. Tell me the last time you thought any movie was genuine.

So rather than being left with a "Ya right!" feeling, we're left with a "Ya, totally!" feeling. Ok, so I'm even more sappy about this damned movie the second time around than the first. But what can I say? It's the Christmas season and I've realized that it's not just the music, but it's the story that catches me on this one.

So anyways, the second thing that drag me into this nonsense is the Brits. Sure, I grew up trying to catch late night Benny Hill for all its bawdiness, but now that I'm grown up, I've found British sensibilities to be quite enagaging (even if there aren't half naked chicks running around to sillyu music). Not only are the people warm and friendly, the comedy they put together goes beyond what most American comedies can hope for. Bawdy, aloof, ridiculous, silly, charming,'s all part of what I find interesting and engaging about this movie.

So there it is. I've written twice about something that I actually enjoy and exposes me...yet again...for the hopeless sap that I am. It could be the Gordon Biersch I drank earlier this evening, or it could just be Kiera Knightly and her smile throughout this movie, but let's just say it's the stuff I just mentioned above :)

Now, make sure you watch this movie...or at least go out and rent the new Benny Hill DVD.

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Proof that one should never create a blog entry while intoxicated ;)