Friday, December 17, 2004

Goodbye Democracy, hello....Dictatorship?

It's the holiday season, and what better way to celebrate than to go to a hot and humid country where you can get jailtime and caning for spitting our your gum in an inappropriate place...yes, it's the country we all love...Singapore. My wife is from here so this is really a family visit.

I've written before about the Singapore government here and here. so I won't go on about that, but I will post a few more thoughts about what has caught my eye. I'm only here for a week this time so you won't have to get too bored with my constant writing about the place.

So before anything else, let me just say we had a great start to our trip. We got bumped up to business class for the whole journey here. Yay! After settling into our economy class seats, a flight attendent came by and gave us new boarding passes and asked us to move up to the front of the plane. Now, I've sat in business class twice before. Once was on a very short hop from San Jose to LAX. Pretty useless since the flight's only 40 minutes. The other time was on a New York to London flight. That was more enjoyable, but it's still a relatively short flight. But business class on a 19 hour flight?! Word.

And on our Hong Kong to Singapore leg our seats were upstairs in the hump of the 747 jumbo jet. I've always wondered what's upstairs in the jumbo jet. Now I know. In this case, it was nothing different then downstairs business class, but it was still cool being up there. I've heard rumors about other planes having lounges for the extra rich, but who knows. I'm just happy to have sat up there once.

Man, it's gonna a pain sitting in economy on the way back. And it's gonna be even worse losing my United Premier status after this year is up...I've gotten used to not waiting in line and getting better seats when possible.

You may now leave comments about how spoiled I am.

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