Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Controversial Subjects - where's the juice?

So can I just say that my blog is getting serious hits now? 67 people visited my site yesterday. That may not seem like a lot of hits, but considering I used to get 5 or 6 visits a day, that's a huge increase.

And for what? No, not for my philosophical musings about freedom of thought, loving a dog, or whatever. People seem to be really interested in everyone's favorite semi-pyramid scheme. Yes, Quixtar and BWW are on everyone's minds. People have been leaving a few comments too. Here's an interesting comment by someone from India. It's interesting to read some of the numbers and the types of products available. This sort of validates my thoughts about the possibilities of making real money off the company. People have also been leaving their musings about being approached in stores.

Okay, okay, I'll admit, I have a festering passive-agressive hatred of the company and I do feel sympathy for the people stuck in this. I say SOME because, hey, they can still get out if they want to. Afterall, it's a business, not a cult! As I mentioned before, more honesty about what the company is would do us all some good. When it comes down to it, I'd rather get pitched by a car salesman because A) They're better at it and B) At least I get to drive a new car and dream that I can actually own it.

Anyways, back to the tie in with my post title. What get people interested in things? No, it's not facts. Facts may keep people interested and keep them coming back for more intellectual worth. But what hooks people in is controversy. Now, I wouldn't say Quixtar & BWW are controversial, but everyone seems to have an opinion on these companies. And that gets people here. We're faced with this everyday on TV, on the web, wherever. We tune in to CNN or the late local news to see the latest thing. And if they're showing a stump speech by Kerry or Bush, some people may stay and watch, but more than likely, people will only stay if there's something juicy. Like the Kobe or Peterson trials. People want the juice so they talk about it the next day in the breakroom or when they go out for happy hour.

Is this bad? Well, in the ideal world everyone would be interested and educated about the "issues of the day" And those issues of the day would be more worldly things like AIDS, elections, Darfur, etc, etc. But seriously, we live in the real world. People don't want to be brought down by such serious subjects. Not all the time at least. So I've learned to deal with it. So have the news networks. They usually have some serious tidbits sprinkled in with the juicy topics of the day. So be it. At least people get a little bit of everything. Is this ideal? Maybe, maybe not. That's life. I stay away from CNN and my local news because I don't find value in sitting through the crap. Other people obviously do since the ratings don't lie (or do they?). And that's fine. I'll just start my personal crusade to educate the masses :P

BTW, let me give credit to the person who recently linked to me. Thanks!


Caleb said...

A business not a cult huh? Take a look at an entry I posted on my blog last month.

Lemme know what you think.

CoffeeFreak said...

I've been approached about stuff like this too, but not at a public place -- at work! I was at one of my clients and this contractor came up to me and struck up a conversation, telling me about how I seemed like a good guy (after 7 seconds, apparently I make a good impression) and how he was trying to get people he trusted in on a business plan. I was obviously skeptical so I listened for about five minutes and realized what was up.