Thursday, August 30, 2012

Social Media for Big Time Events

I came across this article and thought I'd share it. It's a great way to bring a big time event like the US Open to individuals in a very unique way. It harnesses the power of social media rather than discouraging any "non-official" use. Since I have a photography background, I find that socially sharing photos is a particularly great way to share experiences, especially things like special behind-the-scenes access or one-time events. After so many headlines at the beginning of the London Olympics about not allowing personal photographs, etc, this is really refreshing.

Top Instagram Users Receive Red Carpet Treatment at U.S. Open


On a related note, I never mentioned the really cool way that the US Men's Basketball team personalized their experience at the London Olympics. As you may have heard, many of the players used Instagram to document things like taking the Metro or having lunch. I thought that was REALLY cool and gave a much better feel for what it might be like to compete and was much more authentic than the overly-produced athlete profiles which NBC provided. Here's a link to an article about some of those Instagrammed photos:

The USA Basketball Team’s Instagram Shots Are Ridiculously Awesome

And more highlights:
The U.S.A. Basketball Team’s Olympic Journey, In Fantastic Instagram Photos

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