Monday, October 23, 2006

It's Strategery, Stupid

And wouldn't you know it...the admin is at it again. Trying to re-write history by claiming things that are completely wrong. What is it this time? W is trying to convince us that "Stay the Course" was NEVER part of the strategy for Iraq?



Up until last week, "Stay the Course" was used so often by the admin that it was the butt of a joke on the Colbert Report where Stephen Colbert said there have always been two options on Iraq: "Stay" and "the Course"

And now we're being told that the administration is "constantly adjusting the tactics, constantly" and that "It's never been a stay the course strategy."

Listen, I'm happy as fuck if there is some actual rethinking about how to turn Iraq into a safe and thriving democracy. But seriously, we don't need lies heading into the final weeks of mid-term elections.

You know that the term "when the shit hits the fan"? Well, obviously, this admin is the one throwing up the bullshit left and right. Too bad that the fan spatters the crap across all of America and what it stands for.

Stay the fucking course, my ass.

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