Friday, October 08, 2004

Let's go to the analysis

So I've been watching the presidential debates with passion. In fact, I've been watching them sort of like a sporting event - sitting on the edge of my seat and clapping or making "crowd" noises when there's a good or interesting or killer statement. I've mainly been cheering for Kerry, but I'll admit there have been some commetns from Bush where I could help but saying "oooh".

Anyways, the general consensus is that Kerry whooped Bush's ass in the first debate. The second debate seems to be a draw, although I'm sure more opinions will come out over the next few days. Speaking of opinions, I can only laugh at the TV news media when watching their post-debate coverage. Why?

Well, folks at CNN and the like are paid for their analysis and opinions on what has just occurred. But what do we get? Interviews with campaign spokepeople. And what do they give us? Our man won. What do you expect from the campaign? That's what they're paid for. At least they're doing what they're paid for. It may not be connected to reality, but at least they're doing what's expected of them.

I had to change the channel immediately when Larry King laughed at the fact that campaign spokespeople were just giving a one-sided story. HA! I could only laugh that the people who purport to know something about political campaigns simnply rely on interviews with partisan representatives. They don't have the ability to provide any real analysis to give viewers some "professional" insight into the debates. Instead we're left with these idiots laughing with each other.

Now, I can speculate why these folks won't give us a real opinion. It could be that they don't want to express an opinion and then be proven wrong or stupid later on. Perhaps. It could be that the campaigns know how to work these idiots so well that there's not much left to do. I'd like to think it's more about the networks want to give us: Quick soundbites that we can use at the watercooler along with "I heard it on CNN/MSNBC/FOX/etc"

Come Monday morning, I'll be telling my co-workers I heard Larry King laugh like an idiot and had nothing better to say except ask a partisan guest his or her opinion (cue Hillary Clinton, Karen Hughes, yada yada).

Man, I'm glad that I've been watching these debates on CSPAN. I'm just sorry I turned over to CNN afterwards to hear "analysis". You can bet I won't be doing that after the next debate. God forbid election night...I'm not sure where to turn for decent news about election results.

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CoffeeFreak said...

Given the record of "Faux News Channel" in 2000, I would avoid getting your election results from them (though those are the ones that will likely get certified) :)