Friday, July 30, 2004

Strike a Pose

I don't really have much to say about this stamp, I just happened to find it while surfing the. Those eyes are really creepy, don't ya think?

If you don't know the background, Austria just issued this stamp to honor Arnold. I'm a bit surprised that they call him Governor, even though he doesn't hold any position in Austria. Of course, this could never happen in the US, since people can only be on stamps after they've passed away. Of course, I think too many Americans would have real problems with Arnold on a stamp regardless (including me). He would need to accomplish a lot more to be worthy of a stamp. But in any case, I'd still be opposed because of those eyes!! Yikes!

And yes, I do have thoughts about the recent Democratic National Convention :) I'm just too lazy to post anything serious here. Forgive me! Can I just say that the news "pundits" are way too conclusive about Kerry's speech last night. Seriously, there's no need to make a prediction on the outcome of the election 98 days before people go to the polls. The real campaign starts now and both sides will have a lot to say in the coming weeks and months.

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