Monday, December 09, 2013

More on Brand Engagement

Just quick post about a topic I've written about quite a few times.

Instagram is the ‘best platform for brands’ in 2013, beating out Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
When Instagram announced sponsored posts, I suggested that it might work out really well as long as the brands fit well into the overall esthetic of Instagram.

This report shows, that even if it's not an ad, there's a lot to be said about how people interact with brands on Instagram. I don't know that it's strictly because instagram forces more simple, visual messages, but I do think photos have a much bigger impact than words especially when they take up 80% of your mobile phone screen. I believe twitter sees this with them recent changes to auto-display photos in the stream. Facebook has long seen this with utilizing bigger photos. Heck, even Medium just announced changes including a much more visual interface. It'll be interesting to see how the various social media sites adjust their visual impressions and how brands will leverage these abilities to connect to and engagement with their customers and fans.

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