Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting the right social can be more involved than you imagine

Earlier this week, I wrote about how LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter still live and breathe content, even though we think of them as social companies.

LinkedIn's mechanism to show content to users is much more traditional in the sense that people (Influencers) write articles and they're in the feed that users see when they login (or when they read their emails)

Facebook has long had something called EdgeRank which determines what you see when you view your newsfeed. It's actually somewhat of a mystery how any particular piece of content (photo, status, link, etc) gets posted onto someone's timeline, but a recent infographic has been making the rounds since it helps explain the major factors really well.

Demystifying How Facebook's EdgeRank Algorithm Works

All of this interest in LinkedIn's Influencers and Facebook's EdgeRank just confirms for me that what's displayed on social media sites - the content - is still the most important thing which drives usage and really helps to connect people to what is important for them

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