Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Personas on Twitter, Part 2

Following up on my last post about brand/company personas on Twitter, I want to focus on bloggers...

I'm actually going to focus on Sports bloggers who go above and beyond writing posts on websites and keep an active dialogue on Twitter. They typically include a variety of NBA game re-caps, league summaries/opinions, and real-time game tweets.

I'm just going to list a couple of accounts that I think do a good job and explain why I think they maintain a great presence and persona on twitter (and not just be tweeting a lot)


Now, LakersNation is obviously an account for fans of the LA Lakers. with 48k tweets to their names, they obviously keep things busy on twitter, but they do it in a variety of ways. Not only do they tweet what every Laker fan might be talking about during a game, but they keep things going in between games. Not just with thoughts about recent and upcoming games, but also about Laker history and trivia. I think it's a great way to keep fans engaged before, during, and after games. And since I'm a huge Lakers fan, it's no surprise that I follow them!

HPBasketball, it could be argued, hates the Lakers (not really), but he keeps followers engaged in a lot of ways. Again, there are blog posts and in-game tweets, but there's a lot going on between games. Some of it is analysis of the whole league, some is specific topics or nits that he needs his followers to understand. A lot of it may rub people the wrong way, but somehow, through 140 characters at a time, he manages to explain himself. There's a lot of times where I don't agree at all with his opinions, but the fact that he gets his thoughts out there and manages to explain things 140 characters at a time keeps me a follower.

So what's to learn about personas from these two accounts? It's fun to live tweet games, but the followers will only stay if you manage to keep their interest throughout the week. It takes more than linking to your game recaps or team/league summaries. And being a passionate fan of the subject shows off in how you engage your followers.


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