Tuesday, April 29, 2008


And so it's finally happened! I'm a daddy!

At 5:28pm PT today, the emotions pent up for so long just burst out as I saw my daughter come into this world. I saw how hard my wife had worked to give birth. I saw the doctor looking her over and cutting the umbilical cord, making my daughter a separate being. And the emtions just couldn't be held back longer. I found myself crying at this beautiful sight. I leaned over and hugged my wife and told her to look over at our daughter.

10 fingers. 10 toes. A full head of hair. And inquisitive eyes that looked us over, surely trying to match the new faces with the familiar voices which she had heard from inside the womb. As any parent would say, our child is perfect in every way :)

And so it goes. We're parents now. It's still sinking in, but we can't wait to discover what it means to be parents and to be responsible for our little one.

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