Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snap! Crackle! Click! India Wedding Photos

The excuse for us to go to India was a relative's wedding. And being a wedding photographer, I obviously took photos during the events. It was actually more difficult getting shots that are different than I usually take during a wedding gig. While I'm always trying to be creative on any job, I usually take some stuff which is standard across the board since the clients are looking for certain things at a minimum. So I tried to stay away from those typical shots this time. And since I wasn't a lead photographer I had the chance to roam around and not capture every little thing. Even then, I kept thinking about all the different shots I could get of the ceremony details. So I had to stop myself from falling into that "rut".

What I tried to do is thinking about the wedding from the perspective of a guest, which I rarely do. Even when I attend a friend's wedding here, I'm always looking over at the photographer or videographer. I annoy myself sometimes with not being able to take my mind off that stuff...I'm sure I annoy my wife much more offten :)

Anyways, so I tried to stay in the crowd as much as possible and stayed away from taking photos of the bride, groom, and their parents. And here's a few of the shots I through to see more about each on Flickr.

Mandap Mandwo...with a little zoom action. No Photoshop!

Trying to get the feel of the rush through in an image. Touch is such low light.

More baraati rush.


Captured Photographers. Notice the second guy talking on his phone even when events are going on.

There are more in Flickr so head over there to see the rest.

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