Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Ok...for the people that read my blog frequently, you're going to be tired of this since I occassionaly go off on this....but can I just say I'm appreciative of the life I've been given?

For once I won't mention my wife, dog, and friends in this context. I'll mention the people I work with. While there are many folks who say the right things (and don't neccessarily add much more), I rarely reflect upon a colleague and think that I'm better simply for having the person on my team. On the way home from a work dinner tonight, I reflected upon some people like that this evening. And no, it wasn't the wine talking. I've already thought highly of said people. It's just that this evening, I've had the chance to step aside from the work situations and really appreciate what these people bring.

Ok, go ahead and tell me how tired you are of hearing about the good things in my life. Now go back to reading about the latest iPod. It's much cooler than I could ever be anyways :P

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