Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Comment Spam

One of the changes to the blog world between the time I stopped posting in April and now is comment spam. I'm referring to random posts that are advertising some product or website.

I had seen some spam in the comment section of some other blogs, but not on blogs hosted by blogger. Well, apparently, they made their way to the blogger.com hosted blogs. How annoying!

After clicking submit on my first post in a long time I immediately got a couple of comments (they get emailed to me). I thought, wow, someone's already reading my blog again! You know that feeling you get when you come home and there's a message on your answering machine? (well, we don't even have a land line any more, but you know what I mean) Well, that's the same feeling I get when I get comments on my blog. It means someone cares!

Well, how naive I was to think someone cared to leave their very best within 30 seconds of my post. Actually I should have known better...how the hell is someone gonna read my post and leave a comment within 30 seconds?!

Anyways, I checked the comments and there were both spam! I deleted them and let it be, but then I got another spam comment later in they day. I had to nip this nonsense in the bud since I really don't care about reading the Fox TV schedule for tonight (all of the spam talked about the Fox TV schedule for some reason)

So now I've got this image verification function turned on so when people leave a comment they've gotta type in the letters/numbers which appear in the image. I guess that makes it difficult for bots to post spam. Seems like it's working since I haven't gotten any spam since turning it on. Hopefully it's not a pain to everyone else that may want to leave a comment (all 2 of you!)

How about the other bloggers in the bunch? Are you getting much of this spam?

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Atul said...

I got a comment spam one time. I didn't do anything to remedy it b/c I wasn't sure what I could do. But I think the image verification functionality was enabled by default, which has helped prevent me from getting such spam again.