Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Sitayana

Sita as imagined by Nina PaleySo this is old news in the Desi blogosphere by now, but I finally took a look at the Sitayana animated shorts by Nina Paley and I'm just beyond impressed! Ms. Paley has re-imagined The Ramayana from Sita's perspective and set it all to 1920's jazz music. The animation is very imaginative and the soundtrack is used as the only dialogue. If you don't already know the story of The Ramayana this makes it a bit confusing, but if you already know the story, you'll find that the soundtrack and animation fits with the storyline perfectly.

Thanks to Turbanhead for bringing this to the attention of so many people.

These animations are apparently so popular now that the artist can't even afford to host them on her own site any more so read on to get the dirt on where to find these amazing videos...

Nina Paley's website can be found here: www.ninapaley.com

She refers to this site for direct downloads of the quicktime movies.

Sepia Mutiny's Manish has posted torrents of the first four shorts here.

The files are rather large, but well worth it.

If you don't have time to download who files, you can check out a streaming episode here: http://www.ninapaley.com/Sitayana/sitayanaquicktime.html
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