Friday, February 06, 2004

"...politics and the markets seem inextricable"

Keeping with the more serious topics, I've just read a pretty interesting series of posts written by the head of the Eurasia Group on I've mentioned before that Slate has these week-long journals written by a variety of people. It's a novel way to incorporate "blog" type writing into a wider magazine's framework. Some are interesting, others are not. In this case, this topic is something a friend and I continually chat about: the intersections of politics & economic markets. In this case, Ian Bremmer, talks about the theory of examining economic fallout from political events, the setup of his think tank, as well as many current events. If you have some time, do read this set of five journal entries. If nothing else, these entries confirm for me the difficulties in assessing how economics, politics, and social structures affect each other. Good reading.

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